October 19, 2020 Contact: Kevin Tatulyan
PITTSBURGH – Republican Committee of Allegheny County Chairman Sam DeMarco today issued a statement in regard to the U.S. Supreme Court's 4-4 decision which allowed the unconstitutional rewriting of PA Election laws by the PA Supreme Court to stand for the November 3rd Election.
"In a tie vote that underscores the danger of leaving a Supreme Court seat open, the high court failed to halt reckless and unlegislated changes to Pennsylvania election law."
"The banana republic of Tom Wolf will permit late ballots to flood elections boards long after the polls have closed. Make no mistake: this is how democracies die. Arbitrary rule changes and shifting deadlines invariably result in unreliable counts. Tom Wolf, and a deadlocked Supreme Court, have given us an election system worthy of Venezuela."
"I again urge voters to make certain they cast their ballots as quickly as possible, and to remember the governor who just cast a murky shadow over the Pennsylvania vote by governing not through law, but by diktat."

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