GREEN TREE, Pa. (KDKA) – The Republican Committee of Allegheny County elected Sam DeMarco as its new chairman.

In a press release, the committee says this election will set the stage for a spirited 2020 political season.

DeMarco, a 60-year-old from North Fayette, says he plans to increase fundraising and coordinate strong support for President Donald Trump in next year’s presidential election.

“Allegheny County is now the largest source of Republican votes in Pennsylvania,” DeMarco said in a press release.

“Our county committee will harness that voting power and end the liberal stranglehold on local office. The days of anemic fundraising and lackluster candidate recruitment are now over.”

According to the committee, Allegheny County currently has 264,000 registered Republicans, which is the largest, single registration figure for any of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

DeMarco succeeds D. Raja who stepped down earlier this year.

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